Thank you for visiting our site! This is a research project associated with the Computational Methods for the Humanities course at the University of Pittsburgh. This site intends to document and display our research as our team investigates gender portrayal across multiple editions of the classic Grimm's Fairytales. As you explore our site, please find our methodology, analysis, and conclusions as we seek to answer the following research questions:

Our research questions

  • Are the descriptors for women generally more positive or negative compared to men? Are women or men given a more active role?
  • How does the association between the fairy tales and marketing towards children lead to a shift in content within the stories, especially in regards to gender portrayal?
Book cover of Grimm's Fairy-Tales

About the Devs

Sydni Canney is a fourth year, English major. She took this course to fulfill the quantitative reasoning requirement, and was very pleasantly surprised how much she enjoyed it!

Ben Adams is a freshman majoring in Computer Science. He took this course to explore programming in a new humanities context and work towards his Honors Joint Degree.

Samantha Allen is a junior majoring in Linguistics with a focus in East Asian Studies. She took this course as a requirement for the major and to learn more about the innerworkings of linguistic research.

Emily Drzymalski is a senior double majoring in English writing and history with a minor in film analysis. She took this course as her final general education requirement because she wanted more experience with programming and liked the humanities angle of this course.

A special thanks to our project mentor Mason Gobat and our professor David Birnbaum for their insights and guidance throughout the project.